The data controller uses so-called “cookies” on these web pages. This information has the purpose of illustrating to the user in a clear and precise manner their methods and purposes of use. This Cookie Policy must be read together with THE PRIVACY POLICY.


Cookies are text strings (small files), which the sites visited by a user send to his terminal (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites that sent them, during the next visit by the same user.


Cookies are of the following types:

1) Technical cookies: they allow the user to optimally and quickly navigate through websites and efficiently use the services and/or the various options offered, allowing for example to make a purchase or authenticate to access reserved areas. These cookies are necessary for the usability of the sites, but can still be deactivated (with the risk of compromising the performance of the sites themselves).

2) Analytical cookies: they are web analysis tools, which allow us to obtain information on how users use the sites, how they got there, the number and duration of visits, etc. These cookies allow us to introduce improvements to websites, which facilitate user access and the processing of statistics. These cookies are not normally necessary for the optimal usability of websites and, therefore, can be deactivated without affecting the performance of the site itself.

3) Profiling cookies: these are tools that allow you to create a detailed “profile” of the individual user, which then has the purpose of sending targeted advertising. In particular, every time the user enters the website, information is collected, through the analysis of behavior within the individual pages visited, on his habits, tastes, favorite products, etc. This then allows us to “catalog” the user and show/send personalized advertisements. These cookies are not normally necessary for browsing websites and, therefore, can be deactivated without affecting the performance of the sites themselves.

4) Third-party cookies: these are cookies installed on the user’s terminal by third-party site managers. Third-party cookies may belong to the categories of analytical cookies or profiling cookies.


This site installs technical cookies, which allow the user to be remembered while browsing.

This site installs, and also allows third parties (in particular Google) to install, analytical cookies in order to collect aggregate information relating to the parts of the site visited most frequently and to monitor our advertising. The information thus obtained is used to improve the contents of the site, to facilitate its use by users and to verify the success of advertising on the web. Given the low invasiveness of analytical cookies in the sphere of users, as the data collected is processed anonymously and in aggregate form, it is not necessary to acquire consent for their installation.

The site also installs, and allows third parties to install, profiling cookies in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user when browsing the internet. For the installation and use of profiling cookies it is necessary to acquire the user’s prior and informed consent: for this reason, a first “brief” information is displayed on the home page in which it is explained that the site uses profiling cookies and that continuing to browse by clicking on “OK” entails the provision of consent to the use of the aforementioned cookies. The choice can be changed at any time by acting on the browser settings. In this “short” information there is a link to this web page which contains detailed information on the use of cookies and how to deny consent to installation or to choose which specific cookies to authorize.

As regards third-party analytical and profiling cookies, this site plays the role of a mere technical intermediary, which operates on behalf of the third party supplier of the cookie, which is the actual owner and manager of the same cookies and the sole “data controller” of the personal data collected through them.


In order to create buttons for social media, including Instagram and Facebook and connect them to the corresponding social networks and external sites, scripts from third-party domains are present on the pages of this site. Such sites could