Fashion Photographer in Sicily

Unveil the essence of style with Jessica Raddino, freelance fashion photographer in SicilyBased in the picturesque area of Syracuse (Siracusa) and Ortigia, Jessica brings a unique blend of creativity, passion, and technical expertise to capture the beauty of fashion in every frame.

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Discover the magic of Sicily through Jessica’s lens

Explore the possibilities of fashion editorial and advertising photography with Jessica: whether you seek a captivating fashion narrative or compelling product visuals, she transforms your vision into a visual masterpiece.

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3 good reasons to choose Jessica:

  1. Local Expertise: Jessica’s deep connection with Sicily brings a unique local flavor to her work, ensuring your visuals resonate with the charm and authenticity of the region. She has an expanded network of connections with the fashion industry in Sicily and she will be able to connect your brand with the dream team for your photoshoot.

  2. Technical Precision: Thanks to her academic and job experience, Jessica delivers images that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

  3. True Passion: Beyond the lens, Jessica is a true fashion enthusiast. Her love for the industry infuses every photoshoot with a genuine understanding of the trends and aesthetics that define modern fashion.


Advertising Photography

Immerse your brand in the breathtaking landscapes of Sicily or enjoy a studio photoshoot. Jessica offers exclusive photoshoot experiences in and around Sicily, capturing the essence of your brand against the mediterranean backdrop.

Portrait Photography

Embrace a new authentic version of yourself with a portrait photoshoot in Sicily. Beyond capturing moments, Jessica specializes in crafting timeless portraits that encapsulate the unique spirit and personality of her subjects.

packshot photography

Jessica understands the importance of compelling product imagery for online success. Trust her expertise to enhance and sell your product online through high-quality still life visuals.


Get in touch with me and let’s plan a video call to discuss the possibility of a collaboration.


Let’s plan all the photoshoot details. I will completely support you during this important stage.


Time for shoot! You can reach me in Syracuse or I will travel to your chosen location.


I will select and edit the best pictures of your photoshoot through a natural non-invasive retouching process.











Ready to elevate your brand through exquisite imagery? Contact Jessica through the form below and schedule a call for your tailored photoshoot in Sicily. Become a standout presence in the fashion landscape with visuals that speak volumes.

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