“Philia – A long-lasting friendship”

Philia means unconditional love: a long-lasting friendship. This photo project, shot on film and digital format, explores the genuine deep connection between humans and animals. It is incredible realizing that we are part of a great ecosystem and we should all remember this, respecting all the life forms that surround us.

Developing this project has been a great opportunity to reconnect to nature and to notice how easily it has been to find the profound kinship between us and the natural world. I hope these pictures can inspire change and nurture respect for our planet and its inhabitants.

Some of these shots were published on PhotoVogue platform.


Photographer: Jessica Raddino

Model: Khansaa Jaafari

Hair: Letizia Parisi

Location: La Fattoria dei Salari


Khansaa Jaafari embodies the essence of Philia.The warmth and intimacy captured in this moment reflect the project’s core message: the unspoken bond and unconditional love shared between humans and animals.

The collaboration of our talented team brought this vision to life. With Letizia Parisi’s expert touch on hair styling, Khansaa’s natural beauty was perfectly accentuated, complementing the earthy, serene vibe of the shoot. The picturesque setting of La Fattoria dei Salari provided an ideal backdrop, immersing us in the tranquility and simplicity of farm life, where the symbiosis between humans and animals is most evident.

Every shot in this series is a reminder of our interconnectedness with nature. The choice to shoot both on film and digital was deliberate, blending the timeless quality of film with the crisp, contemporary feel of digital photography. This fusion enhances the storytelling, capturing the raw, unfiltered emotions and the vibrant, dynamic interactions in the environment.

“Philia – A Long-Lasting Friendship” is more than a collection of images; it is a heartfelt narrative that seeks to inspire empathy and respect for all creatures. By celebrating the deep bond we share with animals, this project invites viewers to reflect on their own relationships with the natural world and to cherish and protect our shared home.