The house of Colapesce Dimartino

The shoot inspired by the Colapesce Dimartino music video

Today I will tell you about the photo shoot I did with Alessia, inspired by the Colapesce Dimartino music video. Alessia and I had already shot together before, and now we decided to try a new shoot.


My idea came from the music video for Musica Leggerissima by Colapesce and Di Martino. The video was shot by Ground’s Oranges, a group of talented videographers who followed Colapesce and Di Martino on various occasions. Thanks to my studies at the Euro-Mediterranean HARIM Academy in Catania, I had the pleasure of meeting Zavvo Nicolosi and his team, who told us about the behind-the-scenes of the music videos.

Every element in that video was a source of inspiration for me. I was amazed at how some places so close to home were revisited under the incessant melody of Musica Leggerissima.

At that point, I let my inspiration flow freely, and for a couple of days, I couldn’t sleep because of the thousand ideas that were flashing through my head at one in the morning!


After searching for the right looks, I finally chose two that I thought were perfect for the mood. For the first look, I chose a top + skirt combination from Compagnia Italiana, a pair of Fendi sunglasses, and vintage earrings.

For the second look, Alessia also wore a top + shorts combination from Compagnia Italiana, but paired with a jacket, Moschino glasses, and vintage earrings.

Jessica Raddino Fotografia Di Moda Sicilia 100 129


The day was sunny but partly cloudy, and although we shot in the early afternoon, there was a bit of wind. The shoot was divided into two parts: digital and analog photographs (who knows what will come out, I still have to develop them) in the square, and a change of look (in the car) in a more remote area of the town.

Unfortunately, for the second outfit, the sky became completely overcast, and I couldn’t shoot at sunset, as I had wanted. At least I shot near ‘Colapesce’s house,’ as I nicknamed it, and played with the perspectives and soft colors provided by the clouds that covered the sun. Another funny and interesting thing? We came across a flock of sheep grazing nearby and managed to photograph them!


In post-production, I found some difficulty in editing the second part. The clouds created a rather cold light, far from the warm light I am used to. Selecting the photos is always a challenge because you have to choose the right shots to give some continuity to the story without overdoing it.

Take a look at the final result of the shoot on my portfolio!

Shots on film

Update: I finally took the last photo on the roll and rushed to develop it. The roll was an expired Kodak ColorPlus 200 from 2007. The result? A film with more vivid shades of pink and purple! I managed to recover some photos, while others were a bit blurry.

Drum roll… One shot was selected by PhotoVogue Italia! I am extremely happy, and I especially appreciated the creative (and unexpected) process that goes into developing film rolls. It won’t be the last time!

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